Flourish at work!

Wellbeing at work does not have to be difficult or complicated.

Versatile content for wellbeing – only 1€ per person per month*. Take breaks at work or at home.

Tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Support for focusing of the mind, revitalising the body and sufficient recovery to help your staff do their best. The service is available in English and Finnish.

* 12 months billing interval, min. 10 persons

A more energetic body

Exercise helps with the tensions caused by work positions and refreshes the body and mind. The exercises of our trained instructors are easy to approach and be inspired of.

"Wow, now that was an effective ten minutes! I'm now well opened up."

Focused mind

For some, movement makes concentrating easier, while others need a moment of stillness to get their thoughts together. These exercises utilise research results on how we can focus efficiently.

"During a hectic day at work, it was wonderful to focus on breathing and calm your mind."

Towards a better sleep

The most important thing affecting your ability to work is often the quality and quantity of sleep from the previous night. Exercises led by experienced instructors soothe the body and mind to a good sleep - so we'll be at our best the next day.

"Guided deep-forming and mindfulness exercises, especially have improved sleep quality and brought restfulness to everyday life."

"After every exercise, the primary thought is always that why don't I do these more often. The exercises are short and easy to do while working. We're offering Yogaia for business for the entire MAJ team because it is also well suited for beauty and wellness entrepreneurs who work physically hard."

Krista Huhtala-Jenks


Why Yogaia for business?


Tens of thousands of happy users have been experienced Yogaia already.


95% of users report that Yogaia has had a positive impact on daily body and mental well-being.


Our experts have specifically chosen the most effective exercises - which are also fun to do!


Stress can be influenced through exercises for the mind and the body.


Preventive programmes have been proven to be the most cost-effective.


Personal recommendations and hands-on tips - motivation grows from successes.